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For everyone who feels the need to hate

This was written by my boyfriend, lotus17warrior/rev dead:

Why the need to bash on someone? ICP no the WHOLE Physcopathic family is about opions different sides different ways to be down, look twiztid does it serial killa style and ICP is about the clown shit. blaze is dead and brigns the G shit and ABK brings the indian goodness with a touch of detroit class. We are the kinda people who do what we want when we want to if someone is doing something we dont like why do we have to bash on them all the time. saying your opion is one thing but bashing is when your MEAN ABOU IT say your opion and listen to others u dont have to get mean about it unless someone is being mean to you then go adhead stand up for your self but leave it at that dont push it dont keep going after they back down! WERE FAMILY FOR FUCKS SAKE! ITS YOU WHO SIT ON HERE AND BASH AND HATE AND HURT EATCH OTHER THAT THE RUIN US! ITS YOU WHO DROVE VIOLENT J INSANE ITS YOU WHO HATED TWIZTID FOR FUCKIN TAKEING OFF THERE MAKE UP!!! YOU COME ON HERE AND FOLLOW SOMEONE ELSES OPION RARELY DO A SINGLE ONE OF YOU EVER SAY SOMETHING ORIGINAL THAT SOMEONE ELSE HASNT ALREADY SAID. oh er um sorry about that,u know anger problems NEWAYS you know the song what is a juggalo? thast not a basis to follow (i personaly cant eat monoply and shitout connect 4) but what its saying is that we do what ever wink at freeks and stick two leaters in our butt cheecks and what not and dotn care what other people say and do about the way we dress or talk or the things we say. Do u want a song to follow cause it seems you need to follow someone or somethign so bad, how about our chant WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON! BRING OUT HATCHETS IF WE MUST EATCH AND EVERYONE OF US!!! Being a juggalo is doing your own thing be that a flower pickin juggalo like my girl is witch is a good thing in my opion it helps to balace and see a different side of the pendulum then from the more violent natuired side where juggalos like me reside, i mean shit man what were we taught by the six jokers cards HU? to see the world in six different(7 tech) views all right? Were souposed to expect diversty in there music and expect diversity in us as well.why dont we? were fucking family what gives you the rite to bash on someone just cause of what they write. theres a difference between bashing and opion. that juggalo you may be bashing may be the one who helps you up at your next concert when you fall in the mosh pit.

and there we are, everyone...

take care, stay safe and healthy!

MCL <3FoamyBagel
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