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Hey family-
  Just to let you know, I will be gone again for a little bit.  I'm not giving up on this community, hell no.
  *phone rings... talks to dad... clicks*
   HOLY SHIT FUCK!  HOLY SHIT FUCKERS!! Ok, my dad works at a carpet place up here... it is pretty big, too... well known.  He is a sales person, so he sales carpets.  Guess who came in?  Coby Dick... do any of you know who that is?  He is the lead singer from the band Papa Roach.  I guess him and his wife, Kelly, came in questioning about, duh, carpets.  Either Coby and/or Kelly is returning later on today.  So, if Coby comes in, my dad is going to get his autograph.  I am pretty psyched. 
  *looks at screen*  Woops, sorry I am talking about P.R. on a ICP community... I just got overly excited... anyways...
   I will try to add more pics and get some banners soon!

Take care, stay safe and healthy!


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