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We will never die alone (Juggalos will carry on) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
anti_icp members are fuckin pricks & have no taste

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Fam [Jun. 4th, 2005|10:47 pm]
anti_icp members are fuckin pricks & have no taste
[I've got an axe and I am feeling |tiredTired... busy day, stressful 2]
[This lo/lette is listening to |Tilt-a-Whirl]

Hey ya'll...
Nothing much new here with this Juggalette. I was on myspace getting voted on for Kween of the month (if you don't have myspace and aren't on hottest juggalos and juggalettes community, don't worry), but they shut the poll down for that because not enough people were wanting to be nominated in it. I'm a little bummed, but the chicka said that I am going to be nominated for Juggalette/Ninjette of the month for August because I am so cool and *blushes* so beautiful.
Anyways! I will try to make this site a little better, once I can get online (I'm at my friend's house... I watched Porn for the first time in my life... O.O ... *no comments*)!

Take care, stay safe and healthy!

MCL <3FoamyBagel