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We will never die alone (Juggalos will carry on) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
anti_icp members are fuckin pricks & have no taste

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The Calm [Jun. 8th, 2005|09:03 am]
anti_icp members are fuckin pricks & have no taste
[I've got an axe and I am feeling |hyperICP+B/F= HYPERNESS ...hehehe..]
[This lo/lette is listening to |Big Money Hu$tla$ on my TV!]

Hey Fam!

As you all know, 'The Calm' dropped last month... I recently just got it from my boyfriend ((he ordered it before it was out, but HatchetGear.com took its precious time to tell him the other stuff he wanted couldn't be sent, so he had to wait longer)). The Calm is exactly what it is... calm. Probably the song that doesn't quite fit the album is 'Dead Beat Moms' feat. Esham... it's a great song, but doesn't seem to fit the mood... maybe it's just me, though. Still I love new album and can't wait for The Tempest to drop in 2006! Rev Dead thinks the song fits the CD, 'it's bouncy'... Yes, I agree with that, but I think that they should have set all the quiet songs in the beginning of the album and the bouncier stuff at the end, like the beginning of a storm... very calm... then it starts to get all windy and all that fun stuff. That's me though. Still an amazing album from the Wicked Clowns! Anyways, don't forget, Twiztid album dates *June 25* and *July 28*! Run out and get them as soon as they appear in stores!

Also, as you can see, we have a new banner... thank you HatchetGirl! Bloody slick!

If any of you can make me some more banners, that'd be wicked awesome or if you can help me with more HTML, I'd appreciate it, too!

Other then that, nothing new in this community... we need more people and more banners. That's about it!


I got a package from my boyfriend, Rev Dead, recently... He sent me a lot of stuff:

DVDS: Big Money Hu$tla$, Shockumentary, Bootlegged in L.A.
CDS: Gorillaz - Demon Days (Special Edition/DVD included), ICP - The Calm, ABK - Road Fools (DVD included)
The Kitty from the golden arches, his axe bottle, 4 pics of him ((soooo soooo soooo soooo sexy)), JtHM director's cut, his brush with some of his hair... wait... a lot of his hair ((he has long thick hair... bastard <3)), neon orange and black hatchet man bandana, his broken hatchet man ((I can fix it, so I get to keep it!)), a necklace, and a bracelet.

I think that I am missing a few items or so, but you get the jest of what he got me... so, yay!

Another thing, my mum is taking me to go get a tattoo later this month ((she's getting two, I think I'm just getting one, unless I can come up with some of my own money for a second one)). I plan on getting Flower (the skunk from 'Bambi'), but I'm not sure where on me. My left shoulder blade is already reserved for my hatchet man and the lower back is for my Dark Lotus cross that will have 'Reverend Dead' wrapped around it. The picture ((if I can find it)) will be when flower is snuggling with his tail! I love that part in the movie, but I can't seem to find the picture online to show the tattoo artist. If any of you can either draw me it or find it on the web for me, I'd be ecstatic!

Take care, stay safe and healthy!

MCL <3FoamyBagel