We will never die alone (Juggalos will carry on)

Swing our hatchets if we must (Each and everyone of us)

anti_icp members are fuckin pricks & have no taste
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Aight, this is where Juggalos and Juggalettes UNITE and go against the anti_icp community.

How DARE they go on about how 'ICP sucks and are whiggers' and all that shit. They either have no taste in music or no ears. If ya'll want to 'understand' ICP's music, than take them dildos out of your ears ((if ya'll have any)) and listen up.

ICP has made a family for us outsiders/freaks/whatever the hell you want to call us, aight? They have made us feel special and made us feel wanted in this fucked up world. They have made us stronger so we can go against fucking punk ass bitches like you and your pathetic anti_icp members. You can go on and bitch us out or whatever you want, but you know that the Psychopathic Family will continue to grow and become stronger. We know that you are scared of us, but you put up a front and shit saying you ain't scared. Come meet the family sometime and see what happens to your pussy ass face.

Also, you fuckers go on and say that we complain about pathetic shit and say we are poor while we spend $50 on jerseys!?! Well, you know what? Not all Juggalos and Juggalettes are like that, you dumb fuck!! Take some time out of your ass fucking schedule and don't judge the family just because you couldn't understand the music.

You can take your little community and shove it up your ass; come on... you know you'll like it like that bitch slim anus!
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